About Jitka Klett

Words of designer:

Imagine women ruling the world. Alike Goddesses, flawless beings in every aspect. Let me share a secret with you. Together, we can actually materialize all ideas about perfection. There is nothing more beautiful than a sight of a content and lustily self -confident woman. It is my duty to restore the women’s confidence and encourage them over the course of their journey towards their goals and their dreams. Because each and every one of us can be successful and beautiful. Much like adequately selected make up, right choice of fitted, custom made outfit is inseparable detail of a successful and confident women’s image that we can definitely compare to Goddesses. You can indulge yourself in luxury, care and uniqueness. Because you are no different.

You are completely safe visiting my studio. Everything that takes place while you are here stays between us. The feminine element here is apparent in every detail, same as the female power of sharing, support and care. It is my desire to make you enjoy the whole process of individual tailoring with everything that comes with it.

Regularly I accompany special women to important international conferences, commercial business or political meetings or important family events.

In our couture pieces you will experience self-confidence and strength needed to make powerful decisions when challenged with obstacles throughout the journey towards your dreams.

I am confident that women’s standard levels also directly and strongly affect living standards surrounding her. Hence my vision is to extend couture crafting into our society and afford women the individual care they offer to others but rather often forget to give to themselves.

Looking forward to seeing you in our studio

Yours Jitka Klett