1999 - 2005

Designer Jitka Klett, born Mikulova, establishes her own fashion brand JM MODA and subsequently in year 1995 organizes first own authorial fashion show in Slovakia.

The doors of her first fashion studio, creating individual and original custom made items, open up in 1998 in the centre of Košice town/Slovakia.

In the years 1999-2001, apart from focus on detailed work, she prepares for presentation of her own fashion shows, frequently publishes in fashion magazines and collaborates with many fashion and jewelry designers.

Collection of cocktail dresses for Slovak finalists of Supermodel of the World competition are designed by Jitka Klett in 2002 and she endorses style and image creating partnership with commercial JOJ television network upon their entry to Slovak market.

Years 2003-2005 are busy years filled with creative production and authorial fashion shows.

2005 - 2010

Introduction of her own perfume to the market in 2006 is another natural step Jitka Klett’s intensive work in fashion studio leads to. In this year, JM MODA is being renamed to Fashion Studio JKLETT.

Significant step is a release of first own collection of fashion accessories in year 2007 and JKLETT perfume is expanded by body line in form of body milk and shower gel.

In year 2008, Košice fashion studio undergoes extensive renovation aimed to increase the comfort of local and foreign clientele. Collection of evening gowns is born and presented at evening show finals of Miss World competition in Johannesburg in South Africa.

Beside attendance at multiple fashion shows in 2009, Jitka Klett celebrates 15 years of designing at local and foreign scene with original traveling exhibit, traveling around Slovakia and Czech Republic.

2010 - 2015

Jitka Klett concentrates on preparations to expand her own brand into Czech Republic and in year 2011 opens her first new exclusive studio in the centre of Prague, on Malostranské square.

Brand starts to create under JITKA KLETT Fashion Design Prague name.

In year 2011 she begins to apply historically first authorial prints on her materials, inspired by artwork of Vladimír Obr, in collaboration with Art Residence Prague gallery / for the first time print is also used in collection of swimwear.

Presentation of fashion brand and her work continues on local and international scene.

Most signicant ones include first presentation at New York Couture Fashion Week/USA, with continuation at other local and international Fashion Weeks, in Harbin/China, Mosqou/Russia, Beirut/Lebanon, Dubai/United Arab Emirates, Lichfield/Germany, Mammaia/Romania, Prague/Czech Republic, Bratislava/Slovakia and Košice/Slovakia.

Year 2015 sees opening of fashion studio in the centre of Prague, at prestigious address on Haštalská street, where it remains to reside to this day.

2015 - 2020

Luxurious fashion studio in Slovakia moves in year 2016 to historical center of Košice town, at Mlynská street and it remains there to this day.

Charitable project JITKA KLETT for Fashion Revolution aimed to support children is set up and actively continues to help to the present day.

Jitka Klett’s parfum is introduced in year 2016 and its sales are directed to assist her charitable project.

Apart from presentation of her work between 2016-2019 at Fashion Week Beirut/Lebanon and at Miss Fashion TV Awards organized by Fashion TV in Cyprus, Jitka Klett designs exclusive collection of Swarovski components adorned evening gowns for finalist of Miss Slovakia 2017 competition and first shop of JITKA KLETT Fashion Design brand is opened in Prague/Czech Republic.

In year 2017 Jitka Klett runs JITKA KLETT Prague Castle fashion Show, authorial fashion show in historical hall of Prague castle.

During this period Jitka Klett forms her first Ready to Wear line.

2020 - 2022

Launch of the new JK Klett No3 perfume in 2021

Creation of a new limited edition protective facemasks called “Protect yourself and others in style”

Jitka Klett became the first Czech woman to win the silver Oscar Della Moda award, the gala was held in Florence, Italy

In January 2022 presenting the new Couture collection during the Oriental Fashion Show in Paris. The show was held at the beautiful Peninsula Hotel. 

Show during Milano Fashion Week and presentation of the new ready to wear collection PURA 2022 by JK Klett

Showing at Morocco Fashion Week in Oriental Marrakech, the Ready to Wear PURA collection and also the Couture collection were presented. The show was held at the luxurious Mandarin Oriental Hotel



Presentation of Jitka Klett’s new Couture collection during Paris Fashion Week at the Oriental Fashion Show in Paris at the luxurious Peninsula Hotel.

Internship of a French student, Dorian Meyer, who, as part of our collaboration, had the opportunity to contribute to a new mini collection for the JK Klett Black and White ready-to-wear line by Dorian Meyer.

Milan Fashion Week and the introduction of the new Ready-to-Wear collection JK Klett PURA 2022.

Jitka Klett’s debut at the Cannes Film Festival and the Cannes 2022 Red Carpet.

Maroc Fashion Week in the oriental city of Marrakech, where the show took place alongside the beautiful pool of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

The Couture line fashion show concluded the YOUNG SPIRITS event in Košice, inspiring students from the School of Art and Industry in Košice, whose designs were also showcased.

Launch of the JK Klett Perfume No. 3 in the Fann perfume network throughout the Czech Republic.

Participation in the first edition of the Czech Trade Fair Cabo Verde 2022 on the Cape Verde Islands, where not only the Ready-to-Wear collections were presented but also a fashion show from the Couture line enriched the gala evening.

Opening of the new JK Klett Couture fashion salon in a First Republic villa in Prague’s Vinohrady district.

Jitka Klett received the Golden Fashion ST Oscar Della Moda 2022 at a gala evening in Florence, Italy.



Presentation of the LUNA 2023 collection at Milan Fashion Week 2023 and the hosting of an exhibition at the Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Milan.

Launch of a collection to support the publication of the book “Fashion and Style 1994-2024” by Jitka Klett, which celebrates her thirty-year anniversary in the market.

Introduction of ambassadors for the book “Fashion and Style 1994-2024” by Jitka Klett.

Art Fashion Show in Prague’s Vinohrady, featuring a joint presentation of a new Couture collection embodying the female silhouette and elegance, as well as the LUNA 2023 collection from the Ready to Wear line, inspired by the photographs of former Slovak President Rudolf Schuster.

Czech Fashion Week 2023 with new Couture models and the LUNA 2023 collection from the Ready to Wear line.

Launch of the JK Klett fashion brand for sale at the National 31 store in Prague.