There is tremendous amount of effort going towards the big day when both, the bride and the groom put the seal upon their relationship in the form of a wedding. It is their wish to experience this day in unforgettable style and a lot more demand is laid on a woman in this regard. Although strenuous at time, search for the right gown should be a pleasure and ready made confection may not turn out to be the most ideal option. If you have not had the chance to experience exclusivity of custom madespecial occasion outfit , there is no more suitable occasion in woman’s life than her wedding. Time to afford herself exclusive, custom made wedding gown crafted from luxurious materials in relaxed environment of design studio filled with attention to her, without compromises and literally only for her. Those exact pieces are created by Jitka Klett Couture.

Exquisite textiles, comfortable custom made cut patterns, delicate hand work and detailed workmanship taking into consideration your needs, of timeless pieces with time increasing value is a must. Jitka Klett and her professional team with almost 30 years of experiences is ready for you too to prepare unmatchable wedding gown you will proudly keep returning to in your memories. Our experiences are as significant with European brides as with Arabic and Indian ceremonies. And because we realize how complex solution to an event such as wedding is, apart from brides, we assist to grooms and bridesmaids to shine too as well as elegantly and impeccably complement the bride with their outfit. We will aim to do everything for you to be reminiscent not only of importance of your special day, but mainly yours.